How GriefTeach Works

We run classes, workshops, lectures, seminars, training sessions, and consultations. We can also serve as a Keynote Speaker for conventions and conferences. We listen to those we serve and plan a program that meets their needs. We can work directly with the bereaved addressing all types of loss, and we can work with family and friends of the bereaved who need guidance on how to help their loved one. We can also work with businesses, schools, hospitals, funeral homes, religious institutions, and other types of organizations that seek the knowledge necessary to reach out and help the bereaved. If you are in the Greater Boston area, we will come to you and run the programs at your site. If you are located outside of our area, we can arrange phone consultations and/or webinars. Please visit our Programs page to learn more.

For the Bereaved:

It can be scary and overwhelming to work through the pain of grief, regardless of the type of loss. GriefTeach can help you recognize and acknowledge your losses, learn how to grieve well, and ultimately heal. Sometimes we may think if we avoid or deny the pain of loss it will eventually go away. That just isn’t true. Time alone does not heal all wounds! The only way to get through the pain of grief is to experience it. By naming our losses and learning what healthy grief looks like, we put ourselves on the path to healing and wholeness.

For Those Who Care About the Bereaved:

You want to help….you want to reach out….you want the bereaved to know you care. But what do you say? How exactly do you help? At GriefTeach we encourage participants to acknowledge their own struggles with loss, which leads to a greater understanding of the universality of loss. Even though we all grapple with the reality of loss and may share some common grief reactions, the grief journey is highly personalized. We must learn to appreciate the uniqueness of each individual’s grief. In short, learning about grief helps foster compassion and empathy for the bereaved. It also helps us develop the skills to feel confident enough to authentically reach out to the bereaved at a time when they are often left feeling very isolated and vulnerable.

Cheryl Amari presented a wonderfully informative workshop for my teachers. Cheryl geared her workshop based on our discussion of the current needs of our school staff and students. The teachers commented that it was the BEST workshop they had gone to in a very long time. They were engaged, laughing, learning and sharing teaching tools. I highly recommend Cheryl to any school system. We can't wait to have her return!

— Susan Gosselin, Principal
    St. Michael School
North Andover, MA

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