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Life, Grief, and Resurrection

FREE crossChristians all over the world will celebrate Easter this Sunday. Easter is the most significant holy day for Christians because the focus is on the resurrection of Jesus. There is great rejoicing in celebrating Jesus’ rising from the dead and in the hope of an eternal life filled with peace and love.

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March Sadness

FREE flowers poking through snow_purple crocusGrief is like the month of March.  You never know what to expect from March in New England.  One day it’s snowing with blizzard-like conditions and the next day it’s sunny and 70 degrees.  It is a month of surprises.

We never know what to expect from our grief either Our grief is unique.  It doesn’t look like anyone else’s.  There’s no set order or stages to our grief.  One day we feel like we are handling everything quite well and the next day we feel so sad and distraught that we wonder if we will ever feel “normal” again.

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